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Message from the President of IEM

Dear Colleague Engineers


Following the AGM held on 26th June 2020, 8 members who were elected to be members of the Council met on 30th June 2020 at IEM House to elect office bearers.

The following were unanimously elected from Council Members. Our new Team Members for 2020-2021 are:


President:  Shyam Roy  -Former CEO of Emtel Ltd – Retired

Vice President: Raj H Prayag  -Ex President IEM-  Chairman CPB

Secretary: Chandansingh Chutoori – Chairman ACE

Treasurer: Yashveer Takoory  - ESD Services

The other members are: Reshma Rughooputh -Senior Lecturer UOM, Dev Auckle -Consultant Water Resources, Aboo Peermamode  -Principal Engineer, Mauritius Telecom

Jeet Munbauhal  -Former Chief Engineer CWA


I wish to thank the outgoing President Mr Raj H Prayag for his outstanding contribution to IEM and specially for initiating and leading the Washington Accord Project. On my proposition he has gladly accepted to stay on as Vice President to ensure good continuity in this massive project. I also thank the outgoing Council for their share of contribution during the past years.


Coming from a technological world, I wish to share my experience to modernise the Institution, leveraging on the Digital Transformation imperatives in all Engineering domains.  Government and Private Sector spend billions in Capex and Opex to implement mega projects for the betterment of society. These projects require tremendous efforts, skills and human capital attributes. Therefore, Engineers’ contributions as leading Consultants and Elite Engineers for the successful implementations of these projects are even more required in a world impacted by technological disruptions. Engineers will always be called upon to plan, implement, drive, manage and maintain projects. We are working on a plan so that local engineers participate in the massive infrastructure projects in Africa.


My experience in leading an organization having hundreds of engineers in different domains has given me a better insight on their capabilities and weaknesses. I strongly believe that we will together need to review the CPD approach by embarking on more Future-Proof Digital Skills.


We need to reinforce memberships and encourage engagement of members to participate actively in all activities. As such, we will encourage young Graduates to become Associate Members at an early stage of their engineering journey and have access to a comprehensive practical knowledge through our regular talks, conferences, events and networking.


We have many other subjects to focus on such as Women in Engineering, Climate Change etc I rely on my Team and all Engineers to assist in the achievement of all these goals.


Thank you and follow us on and soon on


Shyam Roy BSc FIET CEng

2nd July 2020

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