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Membership Guidance

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IEM requirements in relation to those (Mauritius

The requirements of I.E.M extend beyond those of the CRPE, which concern itself primarily with the two years of satisfactory practice of engineering, IEM requirements for corporate Membership should facilitate registration of the Corporate Members with the CRPE.

CRPE lays major emphasis on the functions of advising and reporting on engineering designs, as well as on actual designing and approval of engineering designs. CRPE requires applicants to demonstrate that they have ability to put into practice their engineering knowledge.


Entry or Transfer to Fellow Technician (FTechIEM)

Applicants should hold an aggregate of 10 years experience in a post of high responsibility, 5 years of which in a position of direct responsibility for installation and maintenance.


Experience requirement

for Fellow

Bearing in mind the above, and considering that IEM does not have an Incorporated Engineers class, Council's has adapted the criteria as appropriate for entry into Fellow Technician class.

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