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Accreditation Documents

EAB-A00 - Administration and Governance of the Engineering Accreditation Board

EAB-A01-P - Background to Accreditation of Engineering Degree Programmes

EAB-A02-P - Qualification Standard for BEng (Hons) BSc (Hons) in Engineering Programmes

EAB-A03-P - Accreditation Criteria for BEng (Hons) BSc (Eng)(Hons) Degree Programmes

EAB-A10-P - Accreditation Policy on Engineering Degree Programmes

EAB-A11-P - Procedure for Arranging and Conducting Accreditation Visits

EAB-A12-P - Self-Study Documentation Requirements for Accreditation

EAB-A13-P - Tables and Forms for Use with Self-Study Submission

EAB-A14-P - Format For Visit Team Report And Recommendations

EAB-A15-P - Format for Visit Leader's Report

EAB-A16 - Procedure for Appeal-Review against Accreditation Decisions

EAB-A17-P - Policy and Guidance on Ethics and Conflict of Interest

EAB-RFE: Request for Evaluation

EAB-A20 List of Engineering Degree Programmes Accredited by IEM (EAB)

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