The Association was created by these wise and visionary men who advocated that only qualified Engineers should provide the engineering service to protect the society.

The period 1964 to 1966 with Roland Desmarais, as President of the Institution and who was a long serving General Manager of the Central Electricity Board, saw a lot of activities aimed at seeking legal status for the Association -The Association changed its name to "The Association of Professional Engineers of Mauritius' on 28th  January 1965. Hon, Robert Rey (MLA for Moka) took a bill through the Legislative Assembly in an attempt to obtain legal status for the Association.  

The Legislative Assembly opted for the creation of an independent authority or Council for registering Professional Engineers, Thus the "Council of Registered Professional Engineers", commonly known to engineers as C.R.P.E, was born. The relevant Ordinance was promulgated on 1st July 1966. The Institution has remained an associa­tion of professional engineers, by choice, whereas the Coun­cil of Registered Professional Engineers is the body authorised to approve qualifications, leading to registration as Professional Engineers, and to register the holders of such qualification subject to their also meeting the experience require­ments.. If at all the Institution has to intervene at the level of the Council it does so through its two representatives on the council of the C.R.P.E.


On 1st December 1978 the Association adopted a new constitution and changed its name, once again, Into 'The Institu­tion of Engineers (Mauritius) "


IEM, as an institution is involved  at Na­tional Level having representatives on the Boards of various institutions such as the Central Electricity Board , the Mauritius Standard Bureau, the University of Mauritius , the council of the C.R.P.E, The MSB Council and sub committees, The CDIB and other Councils.

  • Executive Members

    New IEM Council 2020-2022

  • Constitution

    Constitution as From 23rd May 2018

  • Code of Ethics

    Institution of Engineers Mauritius Code of Ethics


 New IEM Council 2020-2022

Office Bearers

Mr Shyam



Mr Raj H.



Mr Sandesh Kumar Purmessur


Mr Chandansingh



Other Members

Mr Jeet


Former Chief Engineer, CWA

Mr Aboo B


Principal Engineer

Mr Deven


Dr. Vimi


Senior Lecturer, MAST

Mr Yashveer


Mrs Reshma


Senior Lecturer, UOM

Mr Dev


Consultant Water Resources



Constitution as From 23rd May 2018

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We, members of the Institution of Engineers Mauritius, recognizing the importance of technology in enhancing the quality of life throughout the world and accepting an obligation to our profession and its members, and the communities we serve, do hereby commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct and declare that

(i) We shall at all times abide by the laws of the land.

(ii) We shall not derive personal advantage or gain through an abuse of authority, office or position;

(iii) We shall undertake not to assist, induce or be involved in any breach of the Code of Ethics, but support all those who seek to uphold them;

(iv) We shall not injure or attempt to injure, maliciously or recklessly, directly or indirectly, the professional reputation, or business of others;

(v) We shall recognise that professionals of other disciplines are professional partners and should treat them as such in the discharge of our professional practice;

(vi) We shall hold our Institution's Code of Ethics in high esteem and regard the same as the code against which we voluntarily submit that our professional conduct be judged; we further recognise that the Council of Institution may, upon a report of any act or conduct, on our part, contrary to the Institution's Code of Ethics, take the necessary actions that the Regulations and By-laws of the Institution permit under the circumstances; and

(vii) We shall at all times be governed by the Fundamental Tenets of our Institution.