IEM Constitution

The Constitution of The Institution of Engineers (Mauritius)

Corporate Name
Objects, Constitution Mission and Vision
Classification, definition, admission and removal of members

Fees and Subscription
Conduct and Ethics
The management of the Institution
General Meetings
Voting At Meetings
Alteration to the Rules
Accounts, yearly statements and auditors
Security Bond

Legal entity, seal and winding up of the Institution

Benevolent Fund

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SECTION I Corporate Name

1.1 The Institution shall be called the Institution of Engineers (Mauritius);
1.2 Interpretation

In these rules, if not consistent with the context:
(a) "The Institution" means the Institution of Engineers (Mauritius);
(b) "The Council" means the Council of the Institution as defined in section VI of these Rules;
(C) "Regulations" means regulations made by the Council pursuant to Section VII of these Rules;
(d) "Engineering" means all or any of those branches of Engineering Science, the advancement of which is recognized by the Council as being within the objects of the Institution.
(e) "Practice of engineering" holds meaning conferred upon it in the Council of Registered Professional Engineers Act.
(f) "Engineer" means an individual who is engaged in the practice of engineering, and who holds the academic and technical qualification prescribed for registration as a professional engineer in Mauritius.
(g) "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Council, or any person appointed by the Council to perform the duties of the Secretary temporarily.
(h) "Month" means a Calendar month.
(i) Words importing the masculine gender include the feminine gender, and words in singular include the plural, and words in the plural include the singular.
(j) "Mauritius" shall include the dependencies of the Republic Of Mauritius.
(k) "Technician" or "Technician Engineer", shall designate a person who, though not meeting the requirements for registrations as a Professional Engineer in Mauritius, possesses qualifications prescribed for admission to the appropriate class of the Institution.
(l) "Registrar" means the Registrar of Associations.

1.3 Registered Office
1.31 The Registered office address shall be P.O Box 464 Port Louis.
1.32 The seat of the Institution shall be at the registered office address of the Secretary or at any such place as the Council may from time to time determine.
1.33 Any change of address shall be immediately notified to the Registrar.

SECTION II Objects and Constitution

2.1 The Objects of the Institution shall be:-
2.1.1 to foster engineering science and its application in all engineering disciplines,
2.1.2 to ensure the highest standard of service in engineering, and
2.1.3 to improve the status and safeguard the interests of the engineering profession.
2.2 Furthering and Promoting Objects
For the purpose of Section 2.1 the institution shall:-
2.2.1 hold meetings of the institution and sponsor meetings aimed at the general advancement of its members and the public at large;
2.2.2 hold or promote exhibitions of engineering goods, machinery, systems and applications of engineering knowledge;
2.2.3 print, publish, sell, lend or distribute proceedings or reports of the institution or any papers, documents or communications in engineering science and its applications;
2.2.4 make grants of money, books, apparatus, or otherwise, for the purpose of promoting innovation, invention, or research in engineering, or promoting engineering education;
2.2.5 establish a Benevolent Fund to be constituted and applied in accordance with these Rules;
2.2.6 Establish a Council of the Institution which shall govern and control the Institution, its property and affairs, subject to the provision of these Rules.
2.3 Management of the Institution
2.3.1 The Rules of the Institution shall prescribe the number of members constituting the Council, their qualifications and the manner in which the Council is to be elected and constituted, the terms of office of members as well as the condition for their re-election or removal from office.
2.3.2 The institution shall have a President and such other officers with such functions, tenure and terms of office as these Rules may prescribe.
2.3.3 The institution shall, unless and until the rules provide otherwise, consist of Corporate Members and non-Corporate Members. The term Corporate Manager shall include members of the Fellow and Member classes and any honorary members who satisfy the Council's requirements for admission to corporate membership.
2.3.4 Members of different classes may use designatory letters to denote their class of membership as follows:
Honorary Fellows: Hon. FIEM;
Fellows: F.I.E.M;
Members: M.I.E.M;
Associate Technicians: F.Tech.I.E.M;
Technician: Tech.I.E.M.
2.3.5 The Council shall by regulations prescribe the particulars qualifications, method and terms of admission, privileges and obligations including liability to expulsion or suspension of Corporate and non corporate Members, which are not set out in these Rules.
2.3.6 The Council shall prescribe the forms of application and transfer to be utilized by applicants seeking admission or transfer from any class to another.
2.3.7 The Council shall have the power to decide conclusively in respect of each person seeking admission or transfer, and proposed for admission or transfer to any class of membership or from one class to another of the Institution, and as to whether or not any conditions applicable have been fulfilled.
2.3.8 The property of the Institution shall be applied solely towards the objects of the Institution as defined in proceeding sections.
2.3.9 The members of the Institution shall have no personal claim on the property of the Institution, and no portion of such property shall be paid or transferred to any person who is or has been a member of the ?Institution. Nothing in these Rules shall be deemed to prevent the payment of a genuine debt or reimbursement of expenses, or the payment of prizes, scholarships, or a payment from the Benevolent Fund if such is made in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.

SECTION III Classification, definition, admission and removal of members

3.1.1 The Institution shall comprise
(a) Fellows and Members who shall be Corporate Members
(b) Associate Members, Associates, Students, Honorary Fellows and Affiliates who shall be known as non corporate members.
(i) Honorary Fellows shall be Corporate Members if they satisfy the admission requirements for Corporate Membership.
(ii) Affiliates shall not be individuals but institutions, organizations, societies and associations.
(c) Fellow technicians and Technicians who shall be non-Corporate members.
3.1.2 The names of all Corporate and non-Corporate shall be entered on the Roll of the Institution, (herein after referred as the "Roll"). A member who changes his name shall thereupon inform the secretary stating his former name, and the secretary shall amend the Roll accordingly.
3.1.3 The Roll shall distinctly and separately record the names of:
(i) All Honorary fellows,
(ii) All Corporate Members,
(iii) All non-corporate Associate Members
(iv) All Fellow Technician and Technician Members
(v) All non corporate Individuals of other classes
(vi) All Affiliates.
3.1.4 Proposals of candidates for admission or transfers: Every application for admission or transfer shall be proposed, from personal knowledge, and supported as follows:
FELLOWS: By two Fellows;
MEMBERS Class: By two Corporate members;
NON/CORPORATE Class: By two members, one of whom must be a corporate member.
Note: Applicants overseas may be sponsored, subject to Council's approval, by two Corporate Members of the appropriate National Engineering Institution.
3.2 Definitions
3.2.1 Fellows shall comprise every person who has been transferred or admitted to the Grade of Fellow so long as his name is on the Roll as such.
3.2.2 There shall be subject to Rule 3.2.2.d (III) and 3.2.3 no direct admission to the Institution in this grade. Admission shall be by transfer from the grade of member, and to be eligible for transfer to the grade of Fellow, a Member shall:
(a) Have passed the Institution's qualifying examination and satisfied its prerequisite, or obtained and academic qualification acceptable for registration with the Council of Registered Professional Engineers (Mauritius).
(b) Shall be at least 35 years of age, and
(c) have had at least ten years in the Grade of Member of which at least 5 years shall be in a position of responsibility in important engineering work whether in the design, execution , promotion, practice thereof, and
(d) Have either made some noteworthy contribution to the science of Engineering that his admission as a Fellow would, in the opinion of the council, advance the interests of the Institution.
For the purpose of this Rule, the Council may, in any particular case, accept in place of employment in the design of important engineering work:-
(i) Either employment as Professor of Engineering, or as a Senior Member of the Engineering staff in a University or College which has a regular course of study leading to Academic qualifications approved by the Council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius; or employment in a responsible position on Engineering Research Professional Engineers of Mauritius.
(ii) Take into consideration the number of years in the grade of Member of the Professional Engineers Association Mauritius, or of any other Engineering institution recognized by the Council.
(iii) Waive the foregoing requirements and admit, on application to the grade of Fellow, an engineer who is qualified, and who has exceptional professional attainments, and who holds a grade equivalent to that of Fellowship of any engineering institution recognized by the Council.
3.2.3 Not withstanding the preceding provisions the Council may consider to the class of Fellow ay corporate member, upon application, if the Council judges that the short fall in length of experience and membership is adequately compensated by the level of superior responsibilities held by the applicant, and his contributions to the advancement of engineering.
3.3 Members
Members shall comprise every person who has been admitted to the grade of member so long as his name is on the Roll as such:-
For the admission into the grade of Member a candidate shall:-
(a) have passed the institution's qualifying examination and satisfied its prerequisites or have obtained an academic qualification acceptable to the council of Registered Professional Engineers Mauritius, and
(b) subsequent to graduation, have had at least four years of practical Engineering experience. He must have held a position of high responsibility for two years, of which at least one year shall be in design, and/or planning, and at least one year in construction and/or management.
(i) For the purpose of this rule the council may, in any particular case, take into consideration the number of years spent in engineering research or in the teaching of engineering, on a course leading to an academic qualification approved by the council, and equate two years of such research and or teaching to one year of required level of experience.
3.4 Honorary Fellow
3.4.1 Honorary fellowship. Honorary Fellows shall comprise every person who has been admitted to the grade of honorary fellow, so long as his name is on the Roll as such. Honorary Fellowship shall be open to persons who, by their exceptional merits or achievements, have help or are in a position to render extraordinary service to the institution. The Council shall be empowered to elect them as such, and they shall enjoy the privileges of non-corporate members without having to pay an entrance fee or annual subscription.
3.4.2 All Honorary Fellows who meet the corporate membership requirements of the institution shall be deemed to be corporate Members.
3.4.3 The council may admit, as Honorary Fellows, any Corporate or Senior member of any International Engineering Institution or Society established for the advancement of engineering, if the council considers that such association shall contribute to the advancement of the Institutions objects. Such a member shall hold this honorary membership by virtue of being a member of that Institution, or Society.
3.5 Associate Members
3.5.1 Associate members shall comprise every person who has been admitted to the grade of associate member so long as his name is on the Roll as such.
3.5.2 For admission to the grade of associate member a candidate shall:-
(a) Be at least 21 years of age,
(b) Have passed the institutions qualifying examinations and satisfied the prescribed prerequisites, or obtained an academic qualification acceptable to the Council of Registered professional Engineers of Mauritius.
3.5.3 Any person, that satisfying rule 3.5.2.(b), admitted as associate member on or before 31 December 1992, and who was on the Roll of the Institution as associate member on the 12 March 1993, shall retain membership of the grade, and shall be eligible for transfer to Corporate Membership as if he satisfies the academic requirements for Corporate membership.
3.6 Students.
3.6.1 Students shall comprise every person who has been admitted to the grade if student as long as his name is on the Roll as such.
3.6.2 This grade of membership shall be open to persons who are following a course less leading to an academic qualification acceptable to the council of Registered Professional Engineers of Mauritius.
3.6.3 A person may remain a student until his 3oth birthday or for seven years from the date of admission as student.
3.6.4 No person eligible for the grade of Association member shall be admitted as Student.
3.7 Associates.
3.7.1 Associate shall comprise every person admitted to the grade of association so long as his name is on the Roll as such.
3.7.2 For admission to the grade of association a candidate shall:
(a) be at least 35 years of age,
(b) shall attained a position of responsibility, and
(c) in view of the connection with engineering, or any technical science, be able to collaborate with engineers for the advancement and practice of their respective sciences, and
(d) not be eligible to corporate membership of the institution.
3.8 Technician Class
3.8.1 Technician member Technician members shall comprise any person who has been admitted to the grade of technician as long as his name is on the Roll as such. This grade is open to technicians in engineering for admission into the grade of technician members. Applicants to the grade of technician shall:-
(a) Be at least 21 years of age,
(b) Have obtained a qualification in Engineering, which the Council recognises as being of a standard not academically lower than that of a full technological certificate (in an engineering discipline) from the city and Guilds of London Institute, or of a two years diploma in Engineering of the University of Mauritius, or any other technician qualification acceptable to the Council and
(c) Has a minimum of 4 years experience as a technician in engineering For the purpose of rule the council shall give due credit to experience gained prior to qualifying.

3.8.2 Fellow Technician. This grade shall be open to experienced Technicians in Engineering. For admission to this grade a candidate shall:
Either (a) have been on the Roll as a Technician member and have acquired at least 10 years of post qualification experience, with at least five years in a position of high and direct responsibility for the installation, and/maintenance engineering plant, machinery or works, or has directly contributed towards designs and modifications of engineering works under the supervision of a corporate member.
Or (b) have been admitted to or elected as Incorporated Engineer or Technician Engineer, or equivalent grade of a Professional Engineering of Technician Institution acceptable to the Council.
3.9 Affiliates
3.9.1 Affiliates shall comprise every technical or engineering organization, association or society formed for the advancement and promotion of engineering science admitted as an Affiliate so long as its name remains on the Roll as such.
3.9.2 for admission to the grade of Affiliate every applicant shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the council its seriousness of purpose, and that there is no conflict between its aims and objectives and those of the institution.
3.9.3 The Applicant shall comply with such other requirements as the Council may approve for admission to this grade.
3.10 Admission To Membership
3.10.1 Application for membership shall be made on the form prescribed by the Council, and forwarded to the secretary for consideration by the Council in the light of all relevant documents and information submitted. On such form every applicant shall undertake, if admitted, to order his conduct according to the principles laid down in section V of these rules. The council may decide to interview an applicant before taking a decision on his application.
3.10.2 The council shall prescribe from time to time, for candidates opting to qualify through the institution examinations, the qualifications and the prerequisites. The Council shall prescribe for admission to the class of associate members, members, and Fellows, only qualifications that have been approved by the council of registered professional engineers for eventual registration as professional engineers.
3.10.3 The Council shall for the purpose of rules 3.10.2 set a standard not lower than that reflected by passing an engineering degree or course taken after undergoing a 3 year post higher school certificate, or advanced leave of the general certificate of education, in the relevant branch of engineering.
3.10.4 It shall be in order for the council to make the assessment of standard referred to rule 3.10.3 by setting written and oral examinations in subjects approved by the council.
3.11 Admission to any class of membership shall be carried by at least two thirds majority of the members of the council. The council shall not be under any obligation to give a reason for refusing to grant membership. When an applicant has been admitted or transferred by the council, the secretary shall give notice of such admission or transfer to the applicant. The name of the person admitted as a member shall not be added to the Roll until his subscription and entrance fee has been received.
3.12 Rights of membership: Corporate members may attend any general meeting of the Institution, and, subjects to the provisions of the rules, may introduce for considerations any matter which comes within the scope of the objects of the institution, and may speak on or vote upon any motion which may be before such meeting.
3.13 A corporate member may seek the advice and support of the institution, or of the council, or of both, on any other matter concerning his welfare.
3.14 Corporate members may vote in an election, referendum or ballot conducted by the institution.
3.15 A Non-Corporate member shall have the same rights as a corporate member, except the right to vote at a general meeting or in any election, referendum or ballot, or the right to be elected as a member of the council, or the right to represent that institution, or to sit by virtue of being a member of the institution on any publicly constituted body.
3.16 Forfeiture of membership
A member, whether corporate of Non-Corporate, may be reprimanded and eventually removed by a resolution of the council carried by at least three-fourths majority, in case such member should:-
(a) Breach the provisions of these rules or any regulations or direction made or given there under, or
(b) Lose the qualifications which entitled him to be admitted as a member of the institution, or
(c) act in a manner contrary to the objects of the institution or likely to bring the engineering profession to disrepute.
3.17 Such a decision of the council shall be preceded by an enquiry conducted by the council into the alleged or suspected breach of conduct, and shall be supported by adequate evidence.
3.18 Any member so removed from the institution may appeal against the decision of the council at a special general meeting of the institution. Such appeal shall be addressed to the president of the Council.
3.19 The right of appeal aforesaid shall be exercised within one month from the date of the decision appealed against.
3.20 For the purpose of rules 3.16 to 3.19 a successful conviction by a court of justice of any member on a criminal charge shall be sufficient cause for removal of the member's name from the roll of the institution.
3.21 the council shall also remove a member's name from the Roll of the institution if that member's is struck off the register of the council of registered professional Engineers Mauritius, for gross misconduct and professional incompetence.

SECTION IV Fees and Subscription

4.1 Subject to Rule 4.7 every applicant admitted to membership, shall pay an entrance fee, and every member, on transfer from one grade of membership to another, may be requested to pay a transfer fee.
4.2 The entrance and transfer fees and rate of annual subscription payable by each grade of Membership shall be fixed by the Council and notified to all members and in the Regulations.
4.2.1 The new fees and rates shall be become part of the regulations.
4.2.2 Any written objection, to the revised rates, on the part of twenty five percent of the corporte member on the roll shall constitute a sufficient cause for review.
4.2.3 Notwithstanding the provision of the preceding sections entrance fees and subscription rates may be proposed for amendment at a general meeting and any fees approved at such a meeting shall not be subject to Bylaw 4.2.2.
4.2.4 All amended fees and subscription rates shall become applicable as from the date approved by the Council.
4.2.5 It shall be in order for the council to approve a reduced subscription payable by any member for any initial period of membership of 3 months or less.
4.2.6 The council may exempt from payment of the annual subscription fees any member who has retired from remunerative service and has attained the age of 60 provided such member has been on the roll of the institution for more than 10 years.
4.3 All annual subscription shall be due on 1 January in each year for the year then commencing. The acceptance of an annual subscription from a person who has ceased to be a member shall not create any presumption as to membership of the institution.
4.4 Every Member, Corporate and Non-Corporate, shall be liable for the payment of his annual subscription until he has signified to the secretary, in writing, his desire to resign, having previously paid all arrears, including the subscription for the year current at the date of his notice or until he has forfeited his right to remain or be attached to the institution.
4.5 Notwithstanding Rule 4.2.4 every member becoming a Fellow or every Associate Member becoming a Member and every Student becoming an Associate Member shall not be required to pay the full subscription of the Higher grade until 1 January next ensuing.
4.6 Every member whose subscrition remains unpaid on 30 September in the year in which it became due shall be reported to the council who shall direct that application be made to him for payment thereof and that his attention be drawn to the powers of the Council under this Rule. In the event of such subscription not having been paid by the following 31 December, the Council shall have the power, after suitable warning by letter, of expelling the person from the institution by erasing his name from the Roll.
4.7 A member having resigned from the Institution may apply for re-admission and, if admitted, shall not be required to pay the entrance fee again.

SECTION V Conduct and Ethics

5.1 Each member shall order his conduct so as to uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of the institution.
5.2 Without prejudice to the generality of the last preceeding rule the council may, for the purpose of insuring the fulfillment of this requirement, make, ammend and resigned regulations to be observed by the corporate and Non-corporate members, is regard to their conduct in any respect which may be relevant to their position as members of the institutions and may published directions and pronouncements as to specific conduct which is to be regarded as proper or as improper, as the case may be.
5.3 No person who has ceased to be on the Roll is entitled to imply connection with the institution.

SECTION VI The management of the Institution

6.1.1 The business and affairs of the institution shall be controlled by a council which shall be elected from corporate members of the institution except that the council may co-opt at its discretion to additional members from among the corporate members of the institution, the co-opted members having the same powers as the elected members of the council constituted as follows:
6.1.2 Eight members who shall be elected from the corporate members of the institution.
6.1.3 Two members, likely to enhanced the public image of the Institution, co-opted by the eight elected members of the council from among corporate members.
Note: Not withstanding the above and in the event of a vacancy under this rule, the council may by decision of a majority of members either not fill the vacancy, or fill it from among past serving members of the council of the institution.
6.1.4 The Council may be although, at its discretion, co-opt up to two other members from Corporate members in such a manner as to enable a fair representation of the main engineering disciplines on the Council.
Note 1. The Council shall for the purpose of determining from which disciplines to co-opt members under this rule consult the Roll of corporate and non-Corporate members of the institution.
Note 2. The Council shall not be required to account for its decision in furtherance of this rule.
6.1.5 The co-opted members shall have the same powers as the elected members.

Election To The Council
6.2 The election of the Council members shall be held by secret ballot at the annual General Meeting, and shall hold office for two calendar years.
6.3 A list of Corporate members willing to serve on the Council shall be forwarded by post to each Corporate members together with the notice of the annual general meeting.
6.4 Subject the Rule 6.4.1 The members elected by the council shall, within 10 days of the election choose from among themselves a President, a Vice-president, a Secretary, and Treasurer.
6.4.1 No Member shall be elected president if he has held the office of president in the two consecutive previous Councils. For the purpose of this rule any period of temporary performance in the office of the president shall not be a disqualification.
6.4.2 The members shall designate among themselves the appropriate persons who to assist the secretary and the treasurer and to act as such during any period when the substantive holders inhibited from active duty, when absent from the country are temporarily incapacitated.
6.5 A member shall lose his office if he absents himself from meetings of the Council during three consecutive months without giving any reasons acceptable to the Council, or without justifiable cause.
6.6 The Council may fill any vacancy among its members.
6.6.1 Council may fill up to 4 vacancies arising at any time by any expeditious methods, including postal ballots, from among the Corporate members on the Roll of the Institution.
6.6.2 Vacancies exceeding four among the elected members of the Council shall be filled at a special general meeting, unless occuring within of twelve weeks of the intended date of an annal general meeting at which the elections due to take place, which for this purpose shall be regarded as falling on 31st January.
6.7 Members of the Council, auditors and other appointed offices may at any time be removed from the office on a decision obtained by two-thirds majority at a Special General Meeting of the Institution specifically convened for that purpose.
6.8 The Council may grant leave of absence to any of its members for any perios not exceeding six months.

Procedure, Powers and Duties Of the Council
6.9 Five of the members of the Council shall constitute a quorum and any questions before the Council shall be decided by a majority of the members present except if a different provision exists in theses Rules concerning the paritcular issue considered by the Council, the president or acting Chairman having an ordinary vote as well as a casting vote when the votes are equally distributed.
6.10 The secretary shall:-
(a) act under the direction of the Council;
(b) conduct the correspondance of the institution;
(c) Take minutes of all the Council Meeting of the Institution;
(d) Be in charge of the records;
(e) Issue notice to all meetings of the council and of the institution;
(f) Keep a Roll of all the members of the Institution.
6.11 The treasurer shall :-
(a) act under the direction of the Council;
(b) collect all sums due to the institution, such sums to be transferred to the institution's banking account(s);
(c) pay all sums due by the institution when authorised by the council;
(d) keep an account of the income and expenditure of the association in books which shall be open to inspection of every Council meeting;
(e) Fulfill such duties as are entrusted to him under section XI of these rules.
6.12 Ordinary meetings of the Councils shall be held at least eight times a year. They shall be called by the secretary. The President, or in his absence, the vice-President, shall take the chair at each council meeting.In the events of bith being absent, any member of the council shall preside.
A special meeting of the Council shall be called by the Secretary at the request of two more or more of its members. Minutes of the previous meetings and the Agenda of the ofrthcoming meeting shall be circulated to each member of the Council at least ten days in advance of that meeting.
6.13 The Council shall have the power to:-
(a) Purchase or otherwise acquire all movable and immovable properties, sell, take over and transfer all movable and immovable properties;
take on hire or lease all buildings, houses, offices and tenements of whatever nature;
receive all monies which may be due to the institution for any cause whatever and claim acquittance thereofl
open and operate all banking accounts, current or otherwise, in Mauritius or abroad;
make all exchanges, compound or compromise, consent to the removal or erasure of all inscriptions, seizures, attachments and other prohibitions with or without payment;
borrow or raise any sums of money that may be necessary on such terms and at such rate of interest as the Council may deem expedient;
mortgage or pledge immovable or movable property as a security for the payment or monies borrowed or due by the Institution for any cause whatsoever.
(b) Generally to execute and perform on behalf of the Institution all deeds, matters and things whatsoever which, in the opinion of the Council, ought to be done and performed.
(c) Remove at their discretion any member co-opted under provisions of subsection (I) of the present section VI and co-opt any new member to replace such removed member.
(d) Reinstate, if they find good reason to do so and under such conditions as they may see fit, any person who has been a member whose name has been removed from the Roll.
6.14 All deeds, documents, covenants, cheques or other instruments of whatever nature shall be executed on behalf of the institution by any two of the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer and the Secretary, whose signatures shall bind the Institution.

SECTION VII Regulations

7.1 Subject to the approval of the Registrar of Association, the Council shall have the power to make Regulations on matters dealt with by these rules that may require further elaboration in detail and such Regulations shall be binding on all members.
7.2 No Regulation shall be added, amended or rescinded without the approval of the special majority of three-fourths of the members of the Council present and any such alteration shall not be in force until fourteen days after notice thereof has been posted to each member.
7.3 Any twelve members may at anytime submit in writing to the Council a request that a poll of members be taken in regard to the alteration of the Regulations, and within thirty days from the receipt of each request the Council shall take such poll by ballot and shall add, amend or rescind any Regulation as a majority of the Corporate Members voting shall decide.
7.4 If within fourteen days after notice of any alteration to the Regulations has been posted to each member a request for the taking of a poll on such alteration is received by the Council then such alteration shall not be in force until such poll has been taken and the alteration approved by a majority of the Corporate Members voting.
7.5 The Regulations shall, before coming into effect, be filed with the Registrar.

SECTION VIII General Meetings

8.1 The President, or in his absence, the Vice-President of the Council shall take the chair at any General meeting. In the event of both being absent, any member of the Council shall preside.

Annual General Meeting
8.2 The Annual General Meeting of the Institution shall be held once every calendar year before the 31st day of March at a place to be fixed by the Council.

8.3 Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be posted to each member at least fourteen days prior to such meeting, stating the motion or motions to be moved at such meeting.

8.4 The other motion or motions, except that of which the Council at its sole discretion shall give notice, shall not be considered unless its subject matter is relevant to or dealing with the subject matter of such first mentioned motion or motions.

8.5 One quarter of the Corporate Members of the Institution who may either be present in person or be represented by proxy, shall constitute a quorum at the Annual General Meeting. If their is no quorum at the meeting, such meeting is deemed to be postponed to take place a fortnight later and the corporate Members present then shall constitute a quorum.

8.6 At the Annual General meeting the council shall submit an annual report and an audited statement of account.

Special General Meeting
8.7 A special General meeting shall be called at any time:-
(a) By resolution of the Council,
(b) On the written requisition of twelve or more members, provided that such requisition shall state the motion or motions to be moved at the meeting.

8.8 Except by agreement between the Council and the members on whose requisition the Special General Meeting is being called, such meeting shall be held not earlier than ten days and not later than thirty days following the receipt of the requisition to hold such a meeting.

8.9 Notice of the time and place of a Special General Meeting shall be posted to each member at least ten days before that date of the meeting, and such notice shall also state the motion or motions to be moved at such meeting.

8.10 No other motion or motions except that of which due notice has been given, shall be considered unless its subject matter is relevant to or dealing with the subject matter of such first mentioned motion or motions.

8.11 One-third of the Corporate Members of the Institution, who may either be present in person or represented by proxy, shall constitute a quorum for a Special General Meeting, except for the Special General Meeting convened to amend the rules of the Institution.

8.12 If within half an hour after the time fixed for the holding of a Special General Meeting a quorum is not present, no meeting shall be held.

8.13 In the absence of a quorum at a Special General Meeting the motions on the agenda of the Special General Meeting shall be considered to have been rejected, except that the Council may at its sole discretion reconvene another special General Meeting, after a period not lesser than three months of the date of the previous Special General Meeting, and with substantially the same motion or motions of the Agenda.

8.14 The lack of quorum at any special General meeting shall not in any manner preclude the convening of any other Special General meeting with substantially different motions on the Agenda, in compliance with rule 8.9.

SECTION IX Voting At Meetings

9.1 Members shall have the right to vote at any such Meeting, unless a majority of Corporate Members present at any such a meeting shall otherwise decide.

9.2 Each Corporate Member shall have the right to exercise one vote one each motion before the Meeting, except that in the case of equality of voting the Chairman may exercise a casting vote in addition to his deliberate vote.

9.3 Voting on any motion at such a meeting shall be viva-voce except that any Corporate Member present at such a meeting may require a show of hands, and any ten percent of the Corporate Members present at such a meeting may require a secret ballot.

9.4 A majority of corporate members present shall decide on any question except where these Rules require special majority.

9.5 For the purpose of voting any General Meeting a member may cast his vote by proxy, provided he has so informed the Secretary in writing in advance or has handed over a duly signed approved proxy form to a member authorized vote at that meeting. No member shall be authorized to exercise more than two votes by proxy at an annual General Meeting and more than 5 votes by proxy at a Special General Meeting.
Note: It shall be in order for the secretary to cast the duly signed proxies received in his name and in accordance with the instructions of the absent members.

9.6 Whenever a secret ballot is necessary the Council shall appoint three members, who are not members of the Council , to be scrutinizers for the purpose of supervising the ballot and ascertaining the results thereof in the presence of the chairman, the secretary and any other member of the Council who may wish to be present.

9.7 Any Member who otherwise has a right to vote shall forfeit the same:
(I) At an annual General Meeting if his subscription, for the previous calendar year, is in arrears on the date of the Annual General Meeting.
(ii) at a Special General Meeting if his subscription is in arrears, on the date of such meeting, for more than 120 days, provided that he was notified that his subscription was arrears at least 14 days before the meeting.

9.8 For the purpose of deciding the quorum under Rule 8.5 at an annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting members who forfeit their right to vote pursuant to Rule 9.7 shall be excluded from consideration.

SECTION X Alteration to the Rules

10.1 The Rules of the institution may be altered, added to or otherwise amended at a Special General Meeting convened for that purpose.
10.2 The quorum such a Special General Meeting shall be three-fifths of the Corporate Members of the Institution, who may either be present in person or represented by proxy.
10.3 The motion to amend the Rules shall be carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the Corporate Members present either in person or represented by proxy.
10.4 See Section 8.13
(Note: Section 10.4 being a repeat of Section 8.13 is not reproduced here)

SECTION XI Accounts, yearly statements and auditors

11.1 All or any of the funds of the institution may be invested in such manner and upon such security as the Council shall decide.
11.2 The treasurer shall keep such books and accounts as shall be necessary to record all the money transactions of the Institution.
11.3 Any person having an interest in the funds of the Institution may, after having secured an appointment with the President, inspect the books of the institution.

Yearly Statements
11.4 All books and accounts of the Institution shall be closed on the 31st December every year.
11.5 A general statement of the Institution shall then be prepared by the Treasurer and submitted to the Annual General Meeting of the Institution.

11.6 Two Auditors shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting of the Institution.
11.7 They shall audit all books and accounts for the Institution prior to the Annual General Meeting and shall certify as to their correctness or otherwise.
11.8 The Auditors shall be chosen among members of the Institution but not be members of the Council.